The Outaouais Baseball Academy offers private, semi-private and group lessons during the baseball season. These lessons are being offered with the goal of assisting players who want to improve individual skills in order to reach their full potential and bring their best possible performance to their teams.


Private lessons offer the opportunity of one-on-one instruction. Individual needs will be assessed and lessons will target specific skills which the individual needs or wishes to improve in order to play through the season in top form.

SEMI-PRIVATE 2/1 or 3/1

Semi-private lessons offer the opportunity to work with a trainer in a setting which allows interaction with a maximum of three players and provides the opportunity to practice skills on an interactive basis with other members of the player’s peer group.


Mini Group lessons consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of six players who work together with a trainer. These sessions allow for practicing team drills and teach the skills necessary to handle “real life” situations which arise during the course of a baseball game.

TEAM CLINIC 7-12+ / 1-2

The Academy is also offering team clinics. Coaches who wish to have their team practice with our trainers will have the opportunity to practice specific elements of the game and improve the overall ability of the team to deal with game situations. Team clinics involving 7-12 players are 90 minutes and clinics consisting of 13 or more players are 120 minutes.
Whatever your choice, the Outaouais Baseball Academy will help you achieve your goals. Start today with 1 or 2 hours a week and start getting results. Reserve today and start seeing results now.

Lessons at your location
(Available according to agenda)
(Gym fees on top if required)
(Travel charge of $5.00 outside a 30 km. radius)

30 min. 1/1 30.00$
60 min. 1/1 50.00$
60 min. 2/1 40.00$ each
60 min. 3/1 36.00$ each
60 min. 4/1 32.00$ each
60 min. 5-6/1 28.00$ each
60 min. 5-6/2 36.00$ each
60 min. 7-12/2 30.00$ each
60 min. 13+ 20.00$ each

” Price / hour / participant
” 2/1, 3/1, etc., means ratio coach/player
” Price does not include gym fees in cold season

What is your next step?

Contact us at any time either through email at or by phone directly at 819-243-8121 to schedule team practice or private lesson.